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Golden Retriever & Golden Doodle Breeding

Welcome to Lake Norman Golden Retrievers and Golden Doodles. We are located North of Charlotte NC and  proud to own, love and raise
Golden Retrievers and Golden Doodles. This is not a kennel but a loved hobby . Breeding quality lines for superb puppies is our hobby. I have owned Golden Retrievers for 30 years continuing the same generation line. Our pets are part of our family. When our breeding pets are retired they remain with us forever.

Our Golden Retrievers, standard cream female 

poodle, standard cream male poodle and  are our joy! Each puppy is checked by a vet specialist for heart murmur, worms and coccidia prior to leaving our home. Vet records provided for each puppy.

 I maintain a list of pre-qualified potential rescue owners for older dogs and puppies. I work as a nurse educator and breeding excellent quality puppies is my hobby. I only breed my females one time a year (if that often). I follow the health status of puppies and consider buyers to be life long friends. The gang has access to a 24x32 enclosed house  with 24 hour monitored video surveillance,  they have a heated and air condition doggy home with TV, hot water, and refrigerator (for the puppy sitter). The kennels are cleaned twice daily and we do not use any type of cedar shavings for bedding (Shavings can be toxic to puppies and often hide the dirt and smell of an unclean facility). We are American
Kennel Club approved inspected facility. We feel strongly about keeping your puppy safe. Each puppy will receive a ID microchip before re-homing. 

When the puppies are 5 weeks old they are

moved into another area, also under video

surveillance where the house breaking begins.

They are trained to exit through

a doggy door to  use the bathroom. Within one

week they are doggy door trained. This is a

tremendous help to the new puppy owner. We

also work with each puppy  to begin grooming


Visitors are always welcome when puppies are of the appropriate age for visitors, by appointment. Someone is home 24 hours a day.

To request more information on our upcoming litters, please don't hesitate to contact us!

We also offer stud services.