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 All our Newfoundlands have now crossed the rainbow bridge. I leave the picts of great friends and pups

"I purchased my Newfoundland puppy from Mrs. Dellinger on December 30, 2007. He is a magnificant dog, alert, intelligent with a docile,sweet personality. It's obvious that great care and consideration were taken in his breeding. Living only two states away, I had the luxury of being able to visit the kennel where he was whelped and also to meet the breeder. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the facility and with the fact that Ms. Dellinger, the breeder, is a knowledgable R.N. who uses all the latest technology in caring for the mothers and delivering the puppies. From my own personal experience, I highly recommend Ms. Dellinger and her facility. If I could, I would have a houseful of these dogs!"

"Hi Pam, just wanted to  let you know Mitchell has turned into a fine young man. My Vet, says he is a model of what all Goldens should look like. He is a little taller than most, however, very lean. He love to swim and I take him swimming almost every day. I cannot go anywhere without getting many comments from people of how handsome he is. I do take him most places with me, since he is a Therapy Dog, he can go. We passed our certification for Pet Therapy, and volunteer often in Nursing homes, Schools and Hospitals. He makes them smile! They forget why they are there for a little while when he is there. I never would have thought that a dog would be such an important part of my life.  I usually don't even need his leash, he stays right with me. He's very well behaved.   Thanks again for a wonderful dog."

                                                                                - Jeffrey.


I just wanted to write you to say thank you and express my gratitude for you. Throughout my life I have always rescued Goldens. Last year we finally decided we wanted a puppy. When doing research we found multiple breeders. Our primary focus and importance was to find a breeder that actually cared about and cared for the adult dogs as well as the puppies and not just in it for the money.

After contacting them and then contacting you we knew immediately as to where we were going to purchase our new family member. It is very obvious just by speaking with you how caring and compassionate you are about your dogs and puppies. When we asked about scheduling a time to visit you did not hesitate saying absolutely and we were welcome anytime. We scheduled our road trip and upon our arrival you welcomed us as if we were part of the family. When showing us around the kennel we were extremely impressed. Our first impression was relief, immediately being able to identify that all of the dogs were happy and full of energy. We were excited to see how much room the adult dogs had to run around and play, bigger than most back yard here in Atlanta. We were also impressed as to how clean, well-cared for and well-mannered the dogs were. There was no question in our minds that you are a breeder that truly cares.

During our visit the puppies were only 5 weeks old. Again, it was great relief to see that the puppies and momma had their own separate enclosed area inside, out of the eliminates. But of course we would not expect anything different after getting to know you and realizing how caring of a person you are. Seeing the puppies and having that much puppy love at one time was incredible.  It was great to have that much puppy love at one time. I wanted to take all of them home, lol. Puppy breath, is awesome.  We knew we wanted a boy and we were able to choose which one we wanted to become part of our family. You even went as far as putting a collar on him with our names so everyone else would know he was already chosen. We truly believe that happy, well cared for puppies will easily adjust to their new home and have a happy long life.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for being a wonderful, caring, loving person and going over and above to ensure all of you dogs are taken care of. You will always have a special place in our hearts as you have provided us with the ultimate unconditional love. Not only once, but now four times. Our two Golden Retrievers and two Golden Doodles over a period of 13 years. 
Lisa Huff, Peg Holt
Atlanta, Ga. 

"Lake Norman Kennels is not a kennel to us but a wonderful, warm home for very loved dogs and puppies. We went to look at one of Pam's newfoundland puppies and came home with 2! Our lives are much more enriched with our two newfoundland pups - Angus and Crusoe. Pam truly provides a place of love and attention for her animals. The facility is impeccable and we would recommend anyone looking for a new addition to their family visit her. We drove from Atlanta to Charlotte to get our boys." 
                     - Mark Moon and Paul Johnson

Stories/ References

I was very impressed with our visit to your home last Saturday. The kennel set up was one of the best I had ever seen. It was evident that you have a quality kennel with quality pets. Lexi and Bella were wonderful with Julia and Paul. They made our decision easy to get a Newfoundland puppy. All of your dogs and puppies were so well adjusted that it made chosing one difficult. We have been home, with Abby, for a week now. She is adorable! The kids have had a ball playing with her as children do. No matter what they are doing she gives them her full attention, unless she's sleeping of course. She has adapted very well to her new home and surroundings. We spend more time training the children about a new puppy in the house than Abby. Within a week, she goes to the door when she needs to "potty". We have been able to take her to work with us at Miller Insurance Goup. Everyone in the office has proclaimed her the office mascot. She has to visit everyone in the office and everyone that comes in to visit. Her visits usually mean she is going to sleep under your desk for an hour or two. When she was sleeping on the floor, the UPS lady thought she was a doll and asked if she was real. No one can resist her beautiful face and sweet disposition! We look forward to having a lifelong friend and family member in Abby."

Thank you,

Joe , Irene, Julia, and Paul Miller
Miller Insurance Group
Spruce Pine, NC

"Coal is now two and just the best dog we could ask for. His disposition is great and just goes with the hectic flow of our family. We spend a lot of weekends at the beach and he loves the water. He does not even seem too bothered by the heat in the summer. Health wise he seems great. He weighs about 130. My wife keeps him on a special all natural diet. About 6 weeks ago we adopted a stray from the street. She is about 4 months old yellow lab mix. She has been great for Coal. They play constantly. He seems very pleased to have a playmate. "
                                                                                                                                                                                     - Eric 

"We will be going this Saturday to pick out our new puppy. After suddenly losing our boxer that was a big part of our family, my son and I got on the internet and started researching large to extra large breeds of dogs. As soon as we saw the Newfoundland we knew that that was the breed for us. We have since done a major research on this breed. I was working with the Lake Lanier Kennel Club when we had to put our boxer down, many of these trainers have had years of experience working with breeders. I have shared my experience with Pam to them, and they have reassured me that she is a quality breeder. We found Pam and her Newfoundland’s on, and she has been great. She has gone out of her way to be accommodating to our family, she has emailed my son pictures once or twice a week so that he can see how they are growing. We are counting the days until we can bring him home. "
                                                                                                                                                                                     - Beverly 

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